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I'm working with Spring-Security and I need to implement my own PermissionEvaluator (following the answer to my other question.

However looking at the standard implementation AclPermissionEvaluator here I notice, that the DAO is set via the constructor.

If I declare my custom PermissionEvaluator like this:

<global-method-security secured-annotations="enabled" pre-post-annotations="enabled">
    <expression-handler ref="expressionHandler"/>

<beans:bean id="expressionHandler" class="">
    <beans:property name="permissionEvaluator">
        <beans:bean id="permissionEvaluator" class="com.npacemo.permissions.SomePermissionsEvaluator"/>

where do I get my DAO into the Evaluator so that I can access data? Can I inject it, meaning is the PermissionEvaluator Spring managed? Or how do I get my dataProvider into the Evaluator?

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Just figured it out: The PermissionEvaluator is Spring managed, so

private PermissionManager permissionManager;

will work just fine.

edit: For our project we'll implement our own PermissionResolver probably extending the standard Implementation:

public class OurPermissionEvaluator extends AclPermissionEvaluator{

    public CombinedPermissionEvaluator(AclService aclService) {

and injecting a custom ACLService (following this tutorial)

public class OurAclServiceImpl implements AclService {

where we retrieve ACL information from our custom database structure.

To wire it all we'll follow the spring-security contacts example:

<b:bean id="permissionEvaluator" class="">
    <b:constructor-arg ref="aclService"/>

where aclService has to be declared thus:

  <bean id="aclService" class="">
     <constructor args here... >
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