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How do you simulate drag and drop functionality from rspec request specs?

I have #divItem element I am dragging and dropping in #divContainer element (jquery). On page refresh I want to make sure that #divItem element is within #divContainer element.

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it "should drag item to new list", :js => true do
  item = Item.create!(:title => "title 1", :group => "group 1")

  # verify that item is withing group 1
  visit items_path
  within("#group 1") do # id of a div element (or ul element)
    page.should have_content("title 1")

  item_element = find("##{item.id}")     
  new_group_element = find("#group 2")
  item_element.drag_to new_group_element

  # verify that after page reload item is withing the new group
  visit items_path
  within("#group 2") do 
    page.should have_content("title 1")

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You can use Jasmine to test javascript.

Check these links out:

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