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t <- data.frame(v = 5:1, v2 = 9:5)
write.csv(t, "t.csv")

Resulting file:

# "","v","v2"
# "1",5,9
# "2",4,8
# "3",3,7
# "4",2,6
# "5",1,5

How do I prevent first column with row index from being written to the file?

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write.csv(t, "t.csv", row.names=FALSE)

From ?write.csv:

row.names: either a logical value indicating whether the row names of
          ‘x’ are to be written along with ‘x’, or a character vector
          of row names to be written.
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I am ashamed because I did try ?write.csv but... Thx aix! – watbywbarif Sep 20 '11 at 11:42
Yeah, the trick is to understand that this column represents row names. – Vanuan Jan 10 at 7:52

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