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I am having some difficulties with the OAuth authentication process with Flickr in the WP7 Mango WebBrowser control. After for example "Google" sign in the browser gets redirected to the following page:

<html xmlns="">
<body dir="" onload="document.forms['f'].submit();">
  <form id="f" method="POST" name="f" action="">
  <input name="openid.ns" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.mode" value="id_res" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.op_endpoint" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.response_nonce" value="2011-09-14T10:16:07Zsdv-LClYH0A" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.return_to" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.assoc_handle" value="AOQobUfPBfylWt9AYvILwR347CMGMjh2j4b5jlHe175juowtl05" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.signed" value="op_endpoint,claimed_id,identity,return_to,response_nonce,assoc_handle,ns.ext1,ns.ext2,ext1.mode,ext1.type.fn,ext1.value.fn,ext1.type.gid,ext1.value.gid,ext1.type.em,ext1.value.em,ext1.type.lg,ext1.value.lg,ext1.type.ln,ext1.value.ln,ext2.auth_time,ext2.auth_policies" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.sig" value="e5HFSrO0P+yeRJstJHGJlROUkDvVIDGU=" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.identity" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.claimed_id" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ns.ext1" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.mode" value="fetch_response" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.type.fn" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.value.fn" value="John" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.type.gid" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.value.gid" value="837487387483142978" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.type.em" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.value.em" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.type.lg" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.value.lg" value="en-US" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.type.ln" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext1.value.ln" value="Doe" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ns.ext2" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext2.auth_time" value="1970-01-01T00:21:55Z" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext2.auth_policies" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ns.ext3" value="" type="hidden">
  <input name="openid.ext3.mode" value="popup" type="hidden">
  <noscript><input value="Continue to" type="submit"></noscript>

When the browser has loaded the page i just see the very small button with the text "Continue to" which in my opinion is not that user friendly. Now you guys might think i didnt test with the IsScriptEnabled="True". With the IsScriptEnabled="True" it just hides the button and shosw a blank page.

I have also tried using the InvokeScript method inorder to run document.forms['f'].submit(), but i just recieve a COM-exception in the application.

Please help! Any tips or suggestions?

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I have been pulling my hair with this problem but it seems that there has been made some changes in the WebBrowser control.

I just activate IsScriptEnabled="True" and it seems to trigger the form post. However before that i tried some other methods that seemed to work, one being:

loginBrowser.InvokeScript("eval", "document.forms[0].submit()");

However i came across another problem with one of the last redirects. A GET to the following, i guess it´s where we get the signature and link that we need inorder to authorize the app for our Flickr account (the link below was shortened and is non-functional).

GET /signin/yahoo/?redir=%2Fservices%2Fauth%2F%3Fmobile%3D6%26api_key%3D40d26ecdfghDhr4a1f62219c68d989df%26perms%3Dwrite%26api_sig%3Dcda4de52d6eca8e6db565cf8cd52e1f4&.data=Lnlp......

The solution was the following:

private void loginBrowser_Navigating(object sender, NavigatingEventArgs e)
            if (e.Uri.ToString().Contains("") && _ishit == false)
                _ishit = true;
                e.Cancel = true;


I hope this helps someone!

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