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I am new to .htaccess as I used PHP in windows IIS. So I'm getting some problem: I'm trying to create a .htaccess file which will prevent direct access to a folder (/root/configuration/class/) my .htaccess file is as below:

# no one gets in here!
deny from all

But when I keep the above file inside class directory, and I try to include a class (suppose, email.class.php) in my existing script, error shows unable to include email.class.php. Then I removed the .htaccess file, then no errors found. So I want to know, that how to create the .htaccess file, which will only prevent direct access to the folder, but not php pages.

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It's fairly impossible that an Apache settings file can prevent PHP file system functions from working. I suggest you post your PHP code since the error is possibly there. And if you get error messages, copy them here. – Álvaro González Sep 20 '11 at 12:11
BTW, don't uppercase the file name: perhaps .HTACCESS works in Windows but will only lead to future problems. – Álvaro González Sep 20 '11 at 12:12

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