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i'm checking out pyglet, but, funny enough, i can't find how to do a simple button!


  • what is the standard way to create a standard button?

  • is there a standard way to create a Message-Box? open/save dialogs?

  • or am i missing the point of pyglet? isn't it yet-another gui toolkit for creating (also) forms, windows, buttons, texts, standard widgets, etc. ?

i'm using Python 2.x on a windows PC if that matters.

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I didn't use Pyglet yet, but is not a GUI library, it doesn't have to have widgets like buttons, or containers etc. It's a multimedia library like Pygame, it draws stuff on screen, plays sounds, and has some helper functions.

If you want to draw a button on screen, you should first draw a rectangle, print some text in it, and then listen mouse clicks to know if it's clicked on this rectangle.

See PyQT, PyGTK, WxPython for some examples of GUI libraries.

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You can see example how to create button and create yet another interface with Pyglet on web page:


But you only example interface create without complex items.

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