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I wonder if there is build system with following capabilities:

  1. Install & update dependencies (plugins) in target platform on developer machine.
  2. Retrieve & pack binary dependencies into OSGi bundle (from maven repos, maybe).

i.e. this build system should satisfy following use case:

  1. Developer checks out plugin sources from scm.
  2. Build system checks if plugin dependencies present in target platform, if no — installs them.
  3. Build system checks for binary dependencies, fetches them and packs into OSGi bundle project in workspace.

I know about Tycho, but don't know if it can provision dependencies as separate process, not during build.

Also I know about B3 project which has required features, but i've failed to build its plugins for Eclipse 3.7 (it depends on old Xtext & google-collections).

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I'm using buckminster, works with 3.5, 3.6, 3.7

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Okay, now I know about target platforms in Eclipse, so I'll use them for fetching plugin dependencies.

For binary dependencies I can use Maven.

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