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I'm creating some image uploader in Flex with client-side image processing. Processing consists of two steps:
1. Resizing (solved)
2. Converting resized image (represented by ByteArray in PNG32 with alpha-channel) to gray-scale PNG with bit-depth = 2 and no color-palette.
Is there any existing library that is capable of second step? Something like libpng for C++, maybe?
Edit: It seem I stumbled upon rarely encountered problem. However my descision was to create an AS3 class that is capable of converting bitmapData to 2bit grayscale PNG. I used standart PNGEncoder and PNG format specification (which is not so good as I expected) as basis.

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1) libpng itself.

There's a tool called Alchemy, which can compile C/C++ sources into swc libraries. Libpng is already ported (it's in sdk examples).

2) mx.graphics.codec.PNGEncoder

The only disadvantage of this standart class is its speed. It's really slow.

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2) -> I thought that mx.graphics.codec.PNGEncoder converts a ByteArray object containing raw pixels in 32-bit ARGB format to a new PNG-encoded ByteArray object, but still 32-bit ARGB. Is it so? –  Artem Pyanykh Sep 20 '11 at 13:33

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