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Using Spring web-flow 2.3.0, how can I call a PARTICULAR viewstate of flow A from flow B.

Can I use subflow?

From flow B , I want to go to viewstate="def" of flow A

Flow B

    <subflow-state id="actions1" subflow="A">

Flow A

<flow xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/webflow"

<view-state id="abc">
<view-state id="def">

can someone please tell me how to do this..dint find anything over google

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Simply put, you can't.

A flow is defined as

a reusable sequence of steps that can execute in different contexts

In this case, def is a flow of its own. In addition, flows are only accessible from their first state.

Consider, flow A:

<view-state id="searchUsersView" model="searchCriteriaWm" view="users/list">
  <transition on="selectUser" to="detailView">
     <set name="detailWm" value="usersActions.getUserDetail(searchCriteriaWm.selectedElementId)" />

And flow B:

<view-state id="createUserView" model="createUserWm" view="users/create">
  <transition on="submit" to="detailView">
    <evaluate expression="userActions.createUser(createUserWm)" result="detailWm" />

Instead of having two detailViews, you can easily create a detail flow that can be accessed as a subflow.

<input name="detailWm">
<view-state id="detailView" model="detailWm" view="users/detail">
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