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I am trying to gather some communities form my graph. However, the resulting communities consist of isolated nodes, which contradicts my understanding of communities. Here is my essential R/igraph-code:

print("isolates: ")
length(which(degree(g)==0)-1) # says 0



print("isolates in subgraph: ")
length(which(degree(sub)==0)-1) # says > 0

Did I make a mistake? Thank you for your help.

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You have forgotten to subtract 1 from which(cmem$membership == 0), which is required because igraph indexes the nodes from zero, while R uses a 1-based indexing. Try it again with w <- which(cmem$membership == 0) - 1 and see if the isolates persist.

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Thanks a lot. That helped! –  Julian Sep 21 '11 at 6:21

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