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I suspect I've got something very simple wrong here but I can't spot what. The following code:

import Tkinter as Tk
Tk.tkMessageBox.showerror(message='some error')


AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'tkMessageBox'

Widgets (e.g. Button, Entry) work ok. Interactively I get the same result, and also:

>>> import Tkinter as Tk
>>> print Tkinter
<module 'Tkinter' from 'C:\Python26\lib\lib-tk\Tkinter.pyc'>

and tkMessageBox.py is in C:\Python26\Lib\lib-tk. Although why is the capitalization of Lib/lib different?!

This is with Python 2.6 on windows, and running Tkinter._test() reports version 8.5

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I think you meant this:

import tkMessageBox
tkMessageBox.showerror(message='some error')
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So I did, thanks! But why, isn't tkMessageBox a submodule of the package Tkinter? –  lost Sep 20 '11 at 13:59
@lost: I'm not sure, but I think the Tkinter module is just a pure port of Tcl/Tk API into Python with no new stuff, while tkMessageBox is a script built ontop of that API. Open up tkMessageBox.py and you'll see :) –  orlp Sep 20 '11 at 14:02

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