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I know there is some vim plugins that implements TextMate-like snippets feature. The popular are: snipMate, snippetsEmu, neocomplcache, UltiSnips and xptemplate.
What is the best and why? Consider using this with others plugins like SuperTab, AutoComplPop and pathogen. Have you ever tried those plugins? What do you prefer?

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As with many things, you'll find that personal preference wins out at the end of the day. Personally, I prefer snippentsEmu for one reason: it supports dynamic snippets. For example a Python formatting string "foo %s %s" will (can) dynamically add a placeholder for each %s.

snippetsEmu is certainly not perfect - I have come across a few bugs and annoyances - but it works well with superTab. I honestly don't have much experience with the other plug-ins mentioned (although I believe I've tried them all), so I can't really give a fair comparison.

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