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C#, WinForms: Is there a way I can see which methods are calling a specific method? well I can put a break point and see the call stack, but this one is UI related and it is a DoubleClick event, so I thought it will be helpful if something similar to Debug.Writeline(....) can also print call stack on a method so I could write it at the beginning of my method and see ok this time it is cvalled from this method, this time from that method, etc...

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Instead of printing debug messages, you could just put your cursor on the method name and press Shift+F12 (Edit.FindAllReferences)... –  Timwi Sep 20 '11 at 14:12
yes but it does not mean all of those methods are calling my method in that specific execution path. Envirnoment.StrackTrace answer is correct. –  Bohn Sep 20 '11 at 14:14

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Use the Environment.StackTrace property.

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What you are looking for is System.Diagnostics.StackTrace. You simply create a new instance at the point where you want to look at the stack.

Beware, though, that creating a stack trace is very expensive.

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