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I wish to check if an argument passed to my function is an HTMLElement, using the instanceof operator. I know that this doesn't work in IE7, because AFAIK IE7 doesn't define HTMLElement. I figured: no problem, I'll just fall back to a parent prototype like Node. But, as answers on StackOverflow have learned me, the Node-object is also not defined in IE7

What now is the best way to test if my parameter is a node/HTMLElement? Am I doing it wrong?

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In the Node interface HTMLElement corresponds to nodes of type 1.

const unsigned short      ELEMENT_NODE                   = 1;


Thus, you should check for the argument's nodeType:

if (arg && 1 === arg.nodeType) { /* ... */ }
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I have not used IE7 in ages, but I would check with a if (typeof elementNode == 'element') It might be 'element' or 'HTMLElement'. To make sure first do an alert(typeof elementNode); to know what its type will be. So then you can compare against it.

Edit: first commenter clarified ↑ this should not work.

Then I would try checking if there is such a member like nodeType or nodeName. Maybe with something like if (elementNode.nodeName !== null) just as example. Always try alert()ing before.

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No, typeof with DOM elements returns 'object' in IE7. And .toString() returns '[object]'. –  katspaugh Sep 20 '11 at 14:19
@katspaugh Thanks for the clarification. I have edited my answer. –  user912695 Sep 20 '11 at 14:25

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