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I am new to Adobe Flash Action Script 3.0 but learning.

Geweer = the guy you are and kogel = bullet

I am having this code:

var geweer;  .

function beweeg(event:KeyboardEvent)

            case 38:
            geweer.y = geweer.y -10;
            kogel.y = kogel.y -10;

            case 40:
            geweer.y = geweer.y +10;
            kogel.y = kogel.y +10;

            case 32: 
            kogel.x = kogel.x +20;


As you see. Case 32. When launched. The bullet will move from position only once(unless I press it multiple times). How can i make it to repeat(Without pressing multiple times)? And do it multiple times, to shoot multiple bullets.

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You will have to write a game loop which handles all your logic at a regular time interval. A basic way to do this in actionscript is by subscribing to the ENTER_FRAME event.

Since your programming skills seem limited I suggest you first try to follow several tutorials on the subject you are attempting to program before asking such specific questions here.

A quick search seems to be able to help you. Check out 'PART 2 - Advanced detection' on this page.

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That worked, Thanks alot! I've got the following code now: stage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, enterFrameHandler); function enterFrameHandler(event:Event) { kogel.x = kogel.x + 5 } . Thank you. –  Cryingsoul Sep 20 '11 at 14:46

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