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This seems really simple.

On my model save() I want to basically do a get_or_create(). So I want to update the model if it exists or create a new one if not.

This seems like a super simple problem, but I am not getting it right!

class StockLevel(models.Model):
    stock_item = models.ForeignKey(StockItem)
    current_stock_level = models.IntegerField(blank=True, default=0)

    def save(self):
            # it exists
            a = StockLevel.objects.get(stock_item=self.stock_item)
            a.current_stock_level = self.current_stock_level

            # is does not exist yet
            # save as normaly would.
            super(StockLevel, self).save()


def save(self):
    stock_level_item , created = StockLevel.objects.get_or_create(stock_item=self.stock_item)
    stock_level_item.current_stock_level = self.current_stock_level

This would also go into a infinite loop.

This would just put the save() in an infinite loop. But that is the basic idea of how it should work.

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Please show some code. – Jonathan M Sep 20 '11 at 14:21

Django uses the same save() method for both creating and updating the object. User code doesn't need to determine whether to create or update the object, since this is done by the method itself.

Furthermore you can force the save() method to create or update the object by using the methods optional arguments.

This is covered in the Django docs.

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Furthermore if you'd like to check whether the object has been saved before, you can check if it has a primary key in your save() method. Something along the lines of if ... . But as gagamil answered update vs insert is taken care of by Django itself. – modocache Sep 21 '11 at 8:54

This really doesn't sound like the best way to do this. The save method is meant for saving the current instance, not magically querying for an existing one. You should take care of this in the form or view code.

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