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How can I see all the images (*.jpg and *.png) in a folder, in my website?

All I can give is the location of the folder, but that is relative.

eg. ~/Images/Uploaded or /Images/Uploaded.

cheers :)

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Jon beats me to it but it may be worth mentioning the overload that takes a search pattern:

string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(Server.MapPath(path), "*.png"); 

You'll need to mix the results for the 2 image types.

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Not sure what exactly you want to do BUT you need to first resolve the relative path to a "real one" using HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath - for an example see http://www.dotnetperls.com/mappath

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It sounds like you want:

var files = Directory.GetFiles(Server.MapPath(path));

In other words:

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