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I have build some xml tag using Stringbuilder. This Stringbuilder string I want to convert as string in XML format using C#. Below I have specified input string and expected output string.


      <Configuration Id="5020244c-42c4-4a3c-af16-806d8948c7fd" Name="ACTDrawing" Landscape="True" PaperKind="A3" IsNewConfiguration="true"><Worksheets><WorkSheet Name="OVERVIEW" Zoom="100" Lock="False" Default="True"> <Page Id="7eba0912-51bf-4ffe-ac65-6ac495fa5af6" Number="1" Lock="False"></WorkSheet></Worksheets></Configuration>

Expected Output:
      <Configuration Id=\"5020244c-42c4-4a3c-af16-806d8948c7fd\" Name=\"ACTDrawing\" Landscape=\"True\" PaperKind=\"A3\" IsNewConfiguration=\"true\"><Worksheets><WorkSheet Name=\"OVERVIEW\" Zoom=\"100\" Lock=\"False\" Default=\"True\"><Page Id=\"7eba0912-51bf-4ffe-ac65-6ac495fa5af6\" Number=\"1\" Lock=\"False\"></WorkSheet></Worksheets></Configuration>

I have done code for this conversion.

Ex :

    StringBuilder ACTConfigXML = new StringBuilder();
ACTConfigXML.Append("<Configuration Id=\"");
ACTConfigXML.Append("\" Name=\"ACTDrawing\" " +
    "Landscape=\"True\" PaperKind=\"A3\" " +
ACTConfigXML.Append("<WorkSheet Name=\"");
ACTConfigXML.Append("\" Zoom=\"100\" Lock=\"False\" Default=\"False\">");

XmlDocument _ACTGraphicalXMLDoc = new XmlDocument();
ACTConfigXML = new StringBuilder();
string configXML = ACTConfigXML.ToString();

In this example I don't want to use "_ACTGraphicalXMLDoc.OuterXml" for formatting. I want to convert "ACTConfigXML" data to Expected format.

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If that is your input, then just save it as an XML file. You don't need the escaped double quotes in XML (you only need that if you are putting in a literal in your program). Your question doesn't explain what you have tried, etc. nor does it address the end goal.

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From what you've posted, it looks like string.replace() might do the trick

output = input.replace("{", "\"");
output = output.replace("\"", "\\\"");
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You could save your string with XmlDocument

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It's rarely a good idea to build a document from strings. You're setting yourself up for XML errors if the "_WorkSheetName.ToString()" contains anything that will break XML (like a "/>...) Create a template XML document in a string or disk file, load into DOM with XmlDomDocument.loadXML, update the values / attributes you need. For example

string strXML = @"
<Configuration id='to be replaced' Landscape='True' PaperKind='A3' IsNewConfiguration='true'>
        <Worksheet Name='to be replaced' Zoom='100' Lock='False' Default='False'/>

XmlDocument xml = new XmlDocument();
xml.LoadXml( strXML );
XmlElement ndElement = xml.DocumentElement;
ndElement.SetAttribute( "id", System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString() );

XmlElement ndWorksheet = (XmlElement)xml.SelectSingleNode( "/Configuration/Worksheets/Worksheet" );
if( ndWorksheet != null ) {
    ndWorksheet.SetAttribute("Name", "Safe worksheet name <>'\"/>");

xml.Save( Response.OutputStream );
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