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I am not able to embed html5 video player on the iphone as well as android browser to play the video instead always it takes up the default QT player and starts playing.... so the video element attributes of HTML5 has been vain 2 me til present .... any suggestion 2 embed html5 video on the phone browser itself???? Thanks in Advance

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You can do this on the iPad, but it'll always open full-screen on an iPhone. – ceejayoz Sep 20 '11 at 15:30

This is currently not allowed on the iPhone. It does work, however, on the iPad.

It is not technically a "bad thing". To ensure usability, Apple decided that the screen of the iPhone is too small to ever require "embed" video, and if you ever wanted to see a video, it would be full-screen.

The iPad situation is different. The screen is so big, you could have video plus the rest of the page all in one screen, as it has a bigger viewport.

Same happens with the < audio > tag. But that's a "Mobile Safari" thing, not all browsers for the iPhone. Of course, over 90% of people use Mobile Safari on the iPhone, so it'd be kind of pointless preparing it for a different browser.

I hope this helps!

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