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By "human-readable serialisation format" I mean YAML, JSON, INI or like. Please note, XML is too verbose and too inconvenient for my purposes, so let's leave it alone as the last resort.

The format should store the data as "named key -- value" pairs and allow for nesting and arrays. Absence of arrays is not critical, though. Also, type-awareness (ability to return data not only as plain strings) is highly appreciated.

What I need exactly is a pure C library, which provides an API for parsing data (encoding is optional and of lesser importance). It must fit into somewhat about 16-20 KiB, when compiled for ARM7.

I've googled and wikied around, but couldn't find an artifact satisfying all the above requirements.

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I found Jansson a while back and it might fit your requirements.

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+1 great find.. – R.. Sep 20 '11 at 16:29
Though I've finally came up with a hand-written DSL parser, I accept this answer, since it really fits the requirements :) – vines Sep 21 '11 at 17:00 might be a good option as it is very simple. Although there is no plain C library, there is C++ library.

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