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How can I create a bulleted list in ReportLab? The documentation is frustratingly vague. I am trying:

text = ur '''
<para bulletText="&bull;">
item 1
<para bulletText="&bull;">
item 2

But I keep getting errors like list index out of range. It seems that I can't put more than one <para></para> in a single call to Paragraph()? I also tried setting TEXT_STYLE.bulletText="&bull;" but that doesn't work either...

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The bulletText argument is actually a constructor to the Paragraph object, not the <para> tag :-) Try this:

story.append(Paragraph(text, TEXT_STYLE, bulletText='-'))

Have a look at the examples on page 68 (page 74 now, in 2012) of the ReportLab Documentation, though. The convention in ReportLab seems to be to use the <bullet> tag, and the docs do warn that you can have only one per Paragraph instance. We render our bullets in ReportLab like so:

story.append(Paragraph('<bullet>The rain in spain</bullet>', TEXT_STYLE))
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page 68 of ... what? –  Bryan Oakley Mar 8 '12 at 21:45
Good point... I was referring to the same documentation the OP mentioned. Amended to provide a link (and update the page number... is has been 3 years...). –  Jarret Hardie Mar 9 '12 at 7:38

The very recent versions of ReportLab have ListFlowable and ListItem objects (check Chapter 9 of the current user guide).

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