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Basically, I'm trying to clone private repos (and gists) on a new EC2 instance within a user-data-file. Currently (post instance launch), I generate a key, add it to my GitHub account, then clone the repos (and manually enter github password). Should I use something ike gitosis for this? There must be a better way!

# Setup GitHub keys at /home/ubuntu/.ssh/id_rsa

    sudo ssh-keygen -t rsa -C $GIT_EMAIL

...cp id_rsa.pub into account

git clone repo
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You should define a password-less deploy key.

I'd automate the rest as follows:

  1. Your user-data contains the deploy key.
  2. The deploy-key is setup (this is a matter of copying to your home dir).
  3. Run your checkout.

If it doesn't fit within the user-data, I'd suggest to write a script to do it for you (and fetch the script in user-data and then run it -- the easiest way to get around the space constraint).

Another suggestion would be to use something like chef-solo or puppet and leverage their deploy resources. They take a lot of extra work off your hands.

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