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I am adding a bunch of JInternalFrames into a JDesktopPane, as the user selects to open various features through the menus. But I would like the internal frames to open centered in the desktop pane, as opposed to the upper left, where they seem to default.

How can I specify that the JInternalFrames open centered, or move them to the center after opening?

jDesktopPane.add(jInternalFrame); // jInternalFrame is not centered!
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You should get the with and height of the screen, and make some math to set the X and Y for the JInternalFrame. I've not done that in years, so i can't give you the complete methods. Sorry – santiagobasulto Sep 20 '11 at 17:11
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For reference, here is the solution I used, based on dogbane's advice:

Dimension desktopSize = desktopPane.getSize();
Dimension jInternalFrameSize = jInternalFrame.getSize();
jInternalFrame.setLocation((desktopSize.width - jInternalFrameSize.width)/2,
    (desktopSize.height- jInternalFrameSize.height)/2);
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Work out the top-left corner of the new location (based on the size of the JDesktopPane and JInternalFrame) and then call JInternalFrame.setLocation.

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I would suggest the Window.setLocationRelativeTo(Component) method, which will center the window relative to a specified component. Instead of passing in a JDesktopPane, you might want to obtain the parent frame for a component, since otherwise, your JInternalFrame will be centered according to whichever component you pass in.

Here is a code sample:

private void showDialog(Dialog dialogToCenter, Component button) {
    Frame frame = JOptionPane.getFrameForComponent(button);
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I believe setLocationRelativeTo is only available for Windows, not JInternalFrames (which don't inherit from Window). Maybe I am missing something, but can you use this method with a JInternalFrame instead of a JDialog? – Steven Noto Sep 20 '11 at 18:12
Sorry, you're correct, I mistakenly thought that JInternalFrame extended from Window. – piepera Sep 21 '11 at 13:49

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