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I am using Ruby on Rails 3.0.9, RSpec-rails 2 and FactoryGirl. I am trying to check the kind_of?, to count, ... items present in an array using\inside the RSpec its feature. That is, I would like to make something like the following:

subject do
    :articles => 3.times.inject([]) { |articles,i|
                   articles << Factory(
                     :user_id => Factory(:user)

# Note the (wrong!) usage of 'first', 'count' methods
its(:articles) { first.should be_kind_of(Article) }
its(:articles) { count.should == 10 }

But, since I get errors, it seems not possible to make that in the (wrong!) way I made it in the above code. Is there a way to do that (to check the kind_of?, count, ...)?

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  describe Person do
    subject do
      Person.new.tap do |person|
        person.phone_numbers << "555-1212"

    its("phone_numbers.first") { should eq("555-1212") }

so in your case:

its('articles.first') { should be_kind_of(Article) }
its('articles.count') { should == 10 }
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