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I have a situation where i wanted to apply url field of a table in DB. For eg.. all the URL's are of format


Now I need to change them to the format


I just need to add a Secure folder before everything. I dont want to do it manually. Is there a way i can update with the query.. Please help me out.. Thanks.

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What have you tried? What part of this are you having difficulties with? – Oded Sep 20 '11 at 18:10

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one way

update Table
SET URL = replace(URL,'~','~/Secure')

Remember that will change all the ~, if you have more than 1 ~ in the column, then use the method below which uses STUFF

you can also use STUFF

update Table
SET URL = STUFF(URL,3,0,'Secure/')

example that you can run

SELECT @v = '~/production/Class_ext/MgrLoginChoices.asp?menu1=Instruct'

SELECT @v, STUFF(@v,3,0,'Secure/')
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update urls
set url = '~/secure' + right(url, len(url) -1);
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