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I'm new to iOS programming and is developing an app that requires the user's location. I do not need to plot it onto a map nor any fancy coordinates. All I need is the road name (Whatever Street/Avenue) as a string for my app to use. I stumbled upon CLLocationManager but it doesn't appear to do that. Appreciate any guidance! Thank you!

Edit: I noticed an app that does it... returned "29 Scotts Road" earlier. That's too detailed. I only need it to return "Scotts Road"

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Converting lat/long coordinates to named locations (addresses, cities, states, landmarks, etc) is called reverse geocoding. The built-in support for reverse geocoding is provided MKReverseGeocoder.

Here's the official documentation:


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thank you. implemented successfully. –  Paul Bang-Jensen Sep 21 '11 at 13:05

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