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I have an API key that I use for Google custom search queries on the json search API that's here:

I need to send clients to a URL where they can each obtain a custom API key for their domains. However, I don't recall the URL I used to get my API key.

Does anyone know the most straight forward URL to send them to in order to obtain a key?

This one looks perfect:

But I'm not sure if that's the correct place for google custom search, since it refers to "Google Loader", which I'm not familiar with.

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I changed the tag from app engine to search api. this question doesn't seem to have anything to do with google app engine. – Peter Recore Sep 20 '11 at 20:38

You can get an API key by visiting and clicking "API Access". You will then need to switch on the custom search API on the "Services" tab.

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