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I am writing a spell checker using nltk and wordnet, I have a few wrongly spelt words say "belive". What I want to do is find all words from wordnet that are separated by a leveshtein's edit distance of 1 or 2 from this given word. Does nltk provide any methods to accomplish this? How to do this?

May be, I put it wrongly. the edit_distance method takes 2 arguments like edit_distance(word1,word2) returns the levenshtein's distance between word1 and word2. What I want is to find edit distance between the word I give with every other word in wordnet.

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Are you sure Wordnet is what you want here? Seems like overkill. Enchant may be better: – Jesse Aldridge Sep 21 '11 at 21:12

It does in fact provide an edit_distance method. See the docs here

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Okay, finally came up with a solution:

from nltk.corpus import wordnet
for syn in list(wordnet.all_synsets()):


f = open("wordnet_wordlist.txt")
f2 = open("wordnet_wordlist_final.txt", "w")
uniquelines = set("\n"))
f2.write("".join([line + "\n" for line in uniquelines]))

Now reading from the final wordlist_final file and using nltk.edit_distance the list can be found

def edit(word,distance):
    for valid in wordnet:

    return validlist 
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don't know whether it is the efficient way to do it. but it did the job for me – Nihar Sarangi Sep 21 '11 at 21:28

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