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I was curious if anyone else had an idea how to get a list of all of the custom fields you have created in JIRA? If so, how did you do it?

I've been trying to use a Perl SOAP routine I found on JIRA SOAP service documentation, but I have no idea how to implement it.

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Note: You will need admin to access custom fields

my $soap = SOAP::Lite->proxy("http://jira_url/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2?wsdl") or die $!;
my $login = $soap->login($user,$passwd)->result();
my $cfresult = $soap->getCustomFields($login);
my $cfarray = $cfresult->result;
my %cfhash;

foreach $cfld (@{$cfarray}) {
    $cfhash{$cfld->{'name'}} = $cfld->{'id'}; 
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You might want to read this article on about a JIRA Perl client.

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