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I'm creating a project and using GNU Autoconf tools to do the configuring and making. I've set up all my library checking and header file checking but can't seem to figure out how to check if an executable exists on the system and fail if it doesn't exist.

I've tried:

AC_CHECK_PROG(TEST,testprogram,testprogram,AC_MSG_ERROR(Cannot find testprogram.))

When I configure it runs and outputs:

Checking for testprogram... find: `testprogram. 15426 5 ': No such file or directory

but does not fail.

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Try this which is what I just lifted from a project of mine, it looks for something called quantlib-config in the path:

# borrowed from a check for gnome in GNU gretl: def. a check for quantlib-config
if test x"${QUANTLIB}" == x"yes" ; then
    # use quantlib-config for QL settings
    [.... more stuff omitted here ...]
    AC_MSG_ERROR([Please install QuantLib before trying to build RQuantLib.])
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Thanks for help, I used it create a shorter version which suits my needs. – Adam Magaluk Sep 20 '11 at 20:49
Yes, sure that looks good if you just need to bail out if the binary is not found. – Dirk Eddelbuettel Sep 20 '11 at 21:01

I found this to be the shortest approach.

if test x"$FFMPEG_CHECK" != x"yes" ; then
    AC_MSG_ERROR([Please install ffmpeg before installing.])
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Similar to the above, but has the advantage of also being able to interact with automake by exporting the condition variable

AM_CONDITIONAL([FOUND_FFMPEG], [test "x$ffmpeg" = xyes])
AM_COND_IF([FOUND_FFMPEG],,[AC_MSG_ERROR([required program 'ffmpeg' not found.])])
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When using AC_CHECK_PROG, this is the most concise version that I've run across is:

test "$BOGUS" == "no" && AC_MSG_ERROR([Required program 'bogus' not found.])

When the program is missing, this output will be generated:

checking for bogus... no
configure: error: Required program 'bogus' not found.

Or when coupled with the built-in autoconf program checks, use this instead:


test "$YACC" == ":" && AC_MSG_ERROR([Required program 'bison' not found.])
test "$LEX" == ":" && AC_MSG_ERROR([Required program 'flex' not found.])
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Stumbled here while looking for this issue, I should note that if you want to have your program just looked in pathm a runtime test is enough:

if ! which programname >/dev/null ; then
   AC_MSG_ERROR([Missing programname]
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