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How would I go about expiring a fragment cache after a period of time. I came across references to a timed_fragment_cache gem, but it seems out-dated.

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Using ActiveSupport::Cache::Store, you should be able to do

<% cache(key, :expires_in => 1.hour) do %>
   <!-- content -->
<% end %>
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Excellent, thanks! – Matt Fordham Sep 20 '11 at 20:46
could I expire it automatically ? – newBike Jul 22 at 2:52
@newBike how do you mean? The snippet means that the content inside the block will automatically expire after 1 hour. – Alex Jul 23 at 17:59
i meant that guest should visit the page then the cache will be expired, somehow it will block user's request for wait the cache – newBike Jul 24 at 5:14
Cache it only for registered users, or per user (include user id in the key). – lzap Oct 21 at 6:42

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