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How can I access a shadowed global variable in C?

In C++, I can use :: operator to specify a global variable. For example:

using namespace std;
int foo = 10;
int main(){
     int foo = 5;
     cout<<" Global variable: "<< ::foo <<endl;
     cout<<" Local Variable: " << foo <<endl;
     return 0;

How can I do this in C?

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This was subject of an earlier question. It can be achieved as follows

int foo = 10;
int main(void) {
     int foo = 5;
         extern int foo;
     return 0;

However in practice, I can't imagine running into this problem, because I could always rename the local variable or create a small static inline function that can access the global foo and that I could call.

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Thank you, dude. ;) – André Sep 27 '11 at 15:19

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