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Say I have a WP website at www.example.com ... it has it's own content. But I have www.example2.com and I would like to redirect www.example2.com to the www.example.com WP site, but with slightly different content.

My first thoughts were just to have a totally different WP install for www.example2.com ... but I'm starting to think there might be a way to utilize multisite.

What would be the best solution for something like that?

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How different, and what type of differences? You could handle the domain name part by checking what the user arrived through - then set some variables and content different from there. (domain-name would have to be exchanged I suppose - so the site responds to just one name - or change a lot) – EO2 Sep 20 '11 at 20:36
Yeah, I was thinking variables... but how does WP deal with URL variables? – dcolumbus Sep 21 '11 at 0:57
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Looks like they are going in that direction already :)

Setting up Wordpress Multi Site

Cpanel and others have already used "easy-installers".. So a new generic install is added with a few clicks. But with multisite there is the advantage to have just one install - although probably a bit hacking here and there :)

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