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I'm building a simple client-side survey tool. Users create and edit short surveys and export them as XML (or something similar) when they're done.

I started off using jquery, but realized that it was going to be a headache to map back and forth between the HTML DOM and the underlying XML. It's easy to edit one or the other, but keeping them in sync is a pain.

Anyway, this seems like a standard MVC problem, with a few extra wrinkles:

  • I want to do all this work clientside.
  • Lightweight is definitely better.

Any thoughts? I looked into backbone, but it seems to be build around REST-ful interactions with a server-side model, which doesn't work well for me. JavascriptMVC looked really bulky for something this small.

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Try Spine or batmanjs – Raynos Sep 20 '11 at 21:13

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you should have a look at KnockoutJS, which is a JavaScript MVVM framework, which lends itself very well to what your doing.

You can use jQuery to turn the xml into JavaScript objects and add a little Knockout model magic and your UI will automatically update itself when the model changes.

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Check out AngularJS which states that it brings to HTML what is required to use HTML for JS driven web applications. You can find a simple example of it's usage in form of a showcase of a very simple todo application on the starting page.

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You can use Backbone without server sync by creating your custom storage backend providing in-memory persistence

Look at a sample localStorage backend: which overrides Backbone's sync method

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I know it's not a true "MVC" framework, but you may benefit from checking out the jQuery template plugin - . You can create a template (in this case could be the XML template) that you can use to build the output from a JSON object. This would allow you to maintain the data in one place and allow the "rendering" to happen automatically from your data object.

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You can use JavaScriptMVC via it's download builder: Just check the model, view, controller and you are off! Here's a walkthrough of using just those parts:!mvc

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