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I am looking for a SIP Dialer (JavaScript, PHP or Flash) run on client end will connect to web-server possibly running Asterisk (in Centos Linux). The web-dialer needs be just like X-lite for PC but runs on client browser. Asterisk connect to PSTN via ATA. I have seen few companies that provide web-dialer based on JavaScript but they want to connect to their own VOIP service at higher rates.

I would also like list of free SIP providers.

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I have integrated calling into Web page using JavaScript. All that such script have to know is your and destination extensions. Then JavaScript build AJAX query that on the server side creates call file for Asterisk. Have a look at similar question: Asterisk click to call

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I am very much familiar with click to call on Asterisk. I am not looking for a click to call. I am looking for a webbased phone dialer. –  user914425 Mar 6 '12 at 0:06

Please check this. It may help you.


Regards Manish Khilwani

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I know I'm answering this very late but I just want to leave here a list of the frameworks I found doing some research because I had very similar scenario.

  • sipml5: audio/video call, messaging, desktop share, lots of features, the most complete I found, compatible with almost every browser including IE, I personally prefer this framework.
  • JsSIP: not sure if it suppports a wide range of browsers but it seems like a good option.
  • Phono: jQuery plugin, nice API using the classic jQuery syntax, I personally don't like the need of an API key (is free also) but it seems like another good option.
  • Linphone: has lots of options from web plugin to Android an iOS apps, all open source, you could grab the iOS app and modify it as your wishes. Easy to use, this is another good option.

Choose wisely ;)

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Yea, this is a late answer, but SIP.js is a JavaScript SIP stack built on WebRTC that is a good option and works with Asterisk. Creating a SIP user agent looks like this:

var userAgent = new SIP.UA({
uri: 'bob@example.onsip.com',
wsServers: ['wss://sip-ws.example.com'],
authorizationUser: sipUsername,
password: sipPassword
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