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To attach a winforms dialog on Microsoft Wordpad toolbar/menubar?

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First you need to get your assembly loaded into the target process.

Then you'll need to use Win32 API functions to create the new menu item, with a unique child ID.

Finally, you'll need to subclass the window procedure and process WM_COMMAND messages, which are generated by Windows when a native menu item is selected. Be sure to process all other messages, including WM_COMMAND messages that don't match your menu item, to the original window procedure by calling base.WndProc.

Of course, this won't work on Windows 7 WordPad, since it doesn't have menus or toolbars, it uses the new "ribbon" control. The Ribbon API may give you a way to add new items, however.

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The Toolbar control that is provided with the Microsoft Windows Common Controls (COMCTL32.OCX) can be customized by users...


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