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Any web services with APIs for outsourcing webapp transactional email?

I'm looking for an email-sending service that allows bulk and transactional emails from unlimited addresses.

The reason I want this is because I run software where my account holders have users who need to be contacted via emails for a variety of reasons. The emails aren't spam because the users have signed up and want to receive the emails.

I would rather use a hosted solution.

I've been using Amazon SES but you can only send from validated email addresses. I was also looking at PostmarkApp but they only allow transactional emails.

Has anyone used another provider they can recommend?

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Check out SendGrid. Highly recommended. Not posting as an answer since I think this will get closed as off-topic. –  Runscope API Tools Sep 21 '11 at 1:12

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In terms of transactional email providers that also allow bulk, you really only have a few choices here:

The last two are more list-based services and will probably get more expensive with the greater number of users, whereas the top two are based by email volume.

One additional thing I would like to add is that PostageApp allows for multiple recipients per API call, should that interest you. And if you would like to ask me more questions, feel free to reach out at jon [at] postageapp [dot] com.

At the end of the day, you have tons of choices that will let you do both, and all you really need to do is try out each one and take a look at what suits you best.

Best of luck!

(Full Disclosure: I am the Product Manager for PostageApp!)

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(DISCLOSURE) I work for Mailjet.

If you want to have a look to all the possibilities, this table might help you in your decision: http://socialcompare.com/en/comparison/transactional-emailing-providers-mailjet-sendgrid-critsend

To be specific with Mailjet (cause this is what I know the best): we're sending transactional emails, which is what you need. But we also send marketing emails. We focus on deliverability and emails analytics.You can send 6,000 emails a month for free, 30,000 for $7,49, etc. On the big plans it's like $0,30 per thousand.

Hope this helps!

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JangoMail allows you to send bulk and transactional emails as well. We also have a transactional-only service called JangoSMTP. Give our Sales Team a call: https://www.jangomail.com/contactus.asp. We are very flexible and may be able to figure out a good solution for you for sending from unlimited addresses.

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