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I'm facing a strange issue concerning some internal ajax calls in my Wordpress site. They are no longer working after changing the domain/server of my site.

Every ajax call is coded like this:

    $('#target').load('wp-content/themes/mytheme/page264.php', function() { 

while "page264.php..page347.php..etc.." files are coded like:

$args = array(
'post_type' => 'page'
query_posts( $args ); 
<?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); if( $post->ID != '264' ) continue; ?>
<?php the_content(); ?>
<?php endwhile;endif;?>
<?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

This configuration has brilliantly worked till now. Now I changed the server and domain, re-configuring every Wordpress options reflecting the change. In fact, every other aspect of the site is working well, except for these ajax calls.

Nothing is called after clicking on .ajaxlink....

In conclusion, if I try to directly call the "page264.php" file in the browser, so "http://www.mynewdomain.com/wp-content/themes/mytheme/page264.php", browser reports the error: "Error HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error): An unpredictable condition has happened during the server response (my translation)."

Any idea? Before everything was ok ! thanks a lot

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I want to specify that the new server I moved on is a virtual machine...could be this ? –  Riccardo Malesani Sep 20 '11 at 23:09
I finally solved by correcting wrong paths in php files! thanks –  Riccardo Malesani Sep 27 '11 at 15:21

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