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In my application I have a column called "comments", in that I want to reestrict the characters to 54 and then append it with ellipses (i.e I really like your product ...) and having a jquery qtip on ... to show entire text on tooltip.

When I use the code

column.For(a => ( ((a.Comments.Length > 54) ? (a.Comments.Substring(0, 53) + MvcHtmlString.Create("...").ToHtmlString()): MvcHtmlString.Create(a.Comments).ToHtmlString())

        )).HeaderAttributes(width => "40%").Named("Comment");

It prints Span id=".. also , it takes it as a text.

Is there any way I can have a span in text which renders as HTML ??

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I've not used qtip, but generally if you want to use html in the mvccontrib grid, you use .DoNotEncode().

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I tried that but still its not working – sweta shah Sep 21 '11 at 19:27

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