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I am half way through implementing my xmpp chatting module on iPhone using xmppframework library, having a little question here.

Based on some examples, I have done it this way: - Once I am connected and authenticated, in the xmppStreamDidAuthenticate delegate, I will send my presence. - And I will receive my roster presence in didReceivePresence delegate.

The problem is that I am now only receiving presence from all my online roster, but not the offline roster. How is it possible to request for a complete list of my roster?

I found there is a fetchRoster method in XMPPRoster class, but I have no idea how it should be called, and what should be the delegate for receiving the incoming roster information.

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I have ended up create a separate webservice method to retrieve my complete list of roster. Would still appreciate if anyone has a suggestion of how this can be achieved with xmppframework directly without webservice. :) – joe kirk Sep 24 '11 at 23:11

To retrive the roster directly in xmppframework try this:

- (BOOL)xmppStream:(XMPPStream *)sender didReceiveIQ:(XMPPIQ *)iq
    NSXMLElement *queryElement = [iq elementForName: @"query" xmlns: @"jabber:iq:roster"];

if (queryElement) {
    NSArray *itemElements = [queryElement elementsForName: @"item"];
    [ArrayUsers removeAllObjects];
    for (int i=0; i<[itemElements count]; i++) {

        NSString *jid=[[[itemElements objectAtIndex:i] attributeForName:@"jid"] stringValue];
        [ArrayUsers addObject:jid];


 return NO;

You will find didReceiveIQ in the AppDelegate method. In this way you will have at each login a complete list of your roster. Next if you want refresh for some reason this list you can try this:

 NSXMLElement *queryElement = [NSXMLElement elementWithName: @"query" xmlns: @"jabber:iq:roster"];

NSXMLElement *iqStanza = [NSXMLElement elementWithName: @"iq"];
[iqStanza addAttributeWithName: @"type" stringValue: @"get"];
[iqStanza addChild: queryElement];

[xmppStream sendElement: iqStanza];
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See if this works for you. How to list only online users on facebook with xmpp framework With some modifications, code mentioned in this post should work for you.

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