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I need to create a network of related websites, sites that share a user/admin base, but cover different things. Specifically, a network of sites, one for each team in a sports league. My background is in WordPress, and WP Multisite won't cut it.

Expression Engine maybe? Django? I'm not overly familiar with those platform's ability to handle multiple sites within one installation.

Help, anyone?

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MODX Revolution handles multiple sites within a single manager interface. I haven't tried the multiple-site facility yet, but it is reported to work well. MODX itself is powerful but also straightforward (at least if you're the typical person asking questions at Stack Overflow), and the smallish user community is smart and helpful.

MODX Revolution has very sophisticated user management, which can be intimidating but is also very powerful. That will be useful if and when you want to give different people admin powers over different sites.

Drupal also handles multiple sites. It reportedly has a steeper learning curve, but it is in use at some large commercial sites and has a huge community.

Googling reveals at least one Expression Engine add-on for multiple sites, previously unknown to me.

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