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Hello I am trying to use Jsoup to create an ArrayList of images pulled from all jpgs on a site. I am encountering nullPointerException as if the for loop is not there.

try {
    Document doc = Jsoup.connect("www.enterwebsitehere.com").get();
    jpgs = doc.select("img[src$=.jpg]");

    for (int countPics = 0; countPics > 10; countPics++) {
        Element currentPic = jpgs.get(countPics);

        String currentPicString = currentPic.toString();
        int startofAddress = currentPicString.indexOf("http:");
        int endofAddress = (currentPicString.indexOf(".jpg") + 4);
        String urlOfImage = currentPicString.substring(startofAddress, endofAddress);

        URL url = new URL(urlOfImage);
        Image currentImage = ImageIO.read(url);

} catch (MalformedURLException e) {
} catch (Exception e) {

I believe I need to bring some variables outside of the catch block?

Thankyou for any help you can offer.


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Please post the stack trace of the exception. –  cheeken Sep 21 '11 at 2:25
@EHarpham, you should try to isolate the problem. Your problem here has nothing to do with the try / catch block. It is in the loop itself. Your loop is just skipping because the condition is evaluating false, as they already said at the answers. I'm writing this because you are a new user here and I'm just trying to help. –  pablosaraiva Sep 21 '11 at 2:42

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CountPics >10 is evaluating to false. (0 > 10) is false.

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I believe you meant : for (int countPics = 0; countPics < 10; countPics++)

Note the reversal of countPics > 10 to countPics < 10

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