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Hello I'm working with Javascript OOP and I can't get it to work. I want to call functions from another object (parent) via the child. This is my "class" code:

function Unit(_x, _y, _speed) {
    this.x = _x;
    this.y = _y;
    this.dx = _speed;
    this.dy = _speed;
    this.gravity = 0;
Unit.prototype.apply_gravity = function() {
Unit.prototype.render = function() {
    context.drawImage(images[0], canvas_screen.x+this.x, canvas_screen.y+this.y);

function Character() {


I want to be able to call the functions: "apply_gravity" and "render" from the character object like this:

var character = new Character(100,100,5);
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Character.prototype = new Unit(0,0,0); // or whatever defaults if you want them

See this jsFiddle Example

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I imagine inheritsFrom is some 3rd party library (and perhaps used incorrectly if it's Type.inheritsFrom), although I have no urge to investigate further. – user166390 Sep 21 '11 at 2:52

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