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As a test I wrote to linux's standard output from a Swing program and there is no visible console. It does not crash. No exception is thrown. Is this known to be safe? I have no intention to do this in general but it could happen if there is a bug in the program.

Edit: The question was rephrased to remove all mention of the Java object System.out. There is a console to receive and display standard output data in the Eclipse IDE but obviously my question pertains to when there is no IDE.

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why wouldn't it be safe? – MeBigFatGuy Sep 21 '11 at 3:24
There's no console. – H2ONaCl Sep 21 '11 at 3:28
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Every Java program is still a program, and pretty much every program in Linux gets three streams: input, output, and error. Java's in, out and err sit on top of those streams.

If you were to start the program from the command line like java YourApp, you'd more than likely see output from those streams appear in your console. Or a debugger would be able to capture them and do likewise. But in an app that's started from the GUI, the output pretty much just gets forgotten about.

Short version: yes, it's safe.

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It writes to stdout, just like in any Java app. It's up to the OS what stdout is and where the output shows up, but just because an app shows a GUI window doesn't make it any different. You can make a webapp show a window, and you can still write to stdout from there, too.

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Excuse my wrong terminology. I will rephrase the question to "what happens when I write to linux's standard output when there is no console". – H2ONaCl Sep 21 '11 at 3:31

If you launched the program from the command line then the System.out will be written to that window. If you launched the program

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It goes to the standard output stream. But there may be or there may be not some console associated with the current JVM.

If you run your application from a terminal (command or whatever they call it on windows systems) you'll be able to see your output almost the same way you see at eclipse.

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Strictly speaking, you're not writing to Linux's stdout, you're writing to the java System.out object. It's possible for Java applications to redirect System.out to a different output stream, so there's no guarantee where the output will go at the OS level. That said, it's safe to write to System.out from a Swing application, in that it won't cause anything to blow up.

Just don't write any sensitive information out, thinking it won't go anywhere.

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