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I'm porting a php app to Rails 3 and have a question about a multi-model form and how I am updating.

I have a form with following values:

menu_header[2][name]="bar menu sub menu"
menu_header[3][name]="bar menu sub menu2"
menu_header[4][name]="bar menu sub menu 3"

via the params in log:

  "menu_header"=>{"2"=>{"name"=>"bar menu sub menu"}, "3"=>{"name"=>"bar menu sub menu2"}, "4"=>{"name"=>"bar menu sub menu 3"}}

they are posting to a method that does:

params[:menu_header].each do |key, item| 

This works but the update piece looks ugly to me. Is there a different / better way to do this?


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If you want to improve look of your update code than you can rewrite it to:

params[:menu_header].each { |key, item| MenuHeader.find(key).update_attributes(item) }

Note: There is a discussion about handling multiple objects in rails here: Multiple objects in a Rails form

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