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I am creating a Restful service in VS 2010. I have a class Advisor. The SubmitAdvisor method takes this class as a parameter, and the ListAdvisors returns the List of Advisor.

I wrote a console client to Get and Post these methods. I included Microsoft.Http in my client.

I am not able to see the list of Advisors even after Posting the data using HttpClient.

Inside Service Interface -

void SubmitAdvisor(Advisor advisor);

[WebGet(UriTemplate = "/")]
List<Advisor> ListAdvisors();

Inside Service Implementation -

List<Advisor> advisors = new List<Advisor>();
public void SubmitAdvisor(Advisor advisor)

public List<Advisor> ListAdvisors()
   return advisors;

In my client app -

public static void  InsertData(Advisor obj)
            using (HttpResponseMessage  response = new HttpClient().Post(uri,HttpContentExtensions.CreateDataContract(obj)))

         public static List<Advisor> GetAllAdvisors()
             using (HttpResponseMessage response = new HttpClient().Get(uri)) 
                 return response.Content.ReadAsDataContract<List<Advisor>>();               
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I was able to retrieve the list by making the Service as singleton, or setting the InstanceContextMode to Single.

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