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I am using Ruby on Rails 3.1.0 and the Paperclip gem. I would like to change the normal behavior to validate and add error messages to a class object.

That is, an invalid instance of a User class is (the :avatar_file_size error is related to the Paperclip gem)

#<ActiveModel::Errors:0x0000010166cfb8 @base=#<User id: 1, firstname: "Sample firstname", lastname: "Sample lastname", avatar_file_name: "avatar_file.jpg",
...>, @messages={:avatar_file_size=>["is too big"]}>

I would like to have the following output (note that the :avatar_file_size error-hash key is changed to :avatar):

#<ActiveModel::Errors:0x0000010166cfb8 @base=#<User id: 1, firstname: "Sample firstname", lastname: "Sample lastname", avatar_file_name: "avatar_file.jpg",
...>, @messages={:avatar=>["is too big"]}>

In few words, what I would like to do is to change the error-hash key related to the error message generated by the Paperclip gem.

How can I do that?

Maybe it is possible to do that directly in the validates method present in the User model that at this time is:

validates_attachment_size :avatar,
  :less_than => 4.megabytes,
  :message   => "is too big"
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You can supply an option called message to override the default message. I am assuming you are using the paperclip gem's size validator.

validates_attachment_size :avatar, :less_than => 5.megabytes, 
                            :message => "is too big"
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I don't want to change the validation message but the key name (from ':avatar_file_size' to ':avatar') of the array where normally the message will be inserted. –  Backo Sep 21 '11 at 4:28
You don't write the validator on the avatar_file_size column ( as it is a meta column for Paperclip). You write the validation for :avatar. As I have shown above the paperclip gem provides this out of the box. –  Harish Shetty Sep 21 '11 at 5:22
I think your specific problem might be addressed by the solution above. If you want to change the field name generically, then refer to this SO question stackoverflow.com/questions/2521383. –  Harish Shetty Sep 21 '11 at 5:26
Maybe I was not clear. I do not want to change the error message text itself but the error-hash key during the validation process. I would like to do something better of the following in order to reach what I aim to do: @user.errors.add(:avatar, @user.errors[:avatar_file_size].first) if @user.errors[:avatar_file_size].present? –  Backo Sep 21 '11 at 5:44

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