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I need to store multiple email addresses for each user in MySQL and have it normalized. Emails can be for work, personal, etc even multiple work emails or any other can be linked to one contact.

My idea is to have 3 tables, one to store the types of emails, another to store contact info name address etc, and a third to store email/contact associations called contact_email addresses which has pk's from email_types and contacts table

A simple diagram can be seen here https://bubbl.us/?h=a7f3b/13e72f/68J/1dgjeYVbs Is this at all efficient? This way one contact can have as any number of email addresses stored and kept out of the contacts table


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Yep, your design is fine. It represents a common, normalized email address data model.

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That's how I'd do it. I think your design is fine.

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Thanks for the feedback –  Anagio Sep 21 '11 at 4:11

yes, you can also use composite key (using primary or unique index) in the contact_emails table using contact_id and email_type_id. This way one contact will have only one email of a certain type. without the index, a user can save 1+ emails from same email type.

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+1. That is another good way of doing it. –  David Stratton Sep 21 '11 at 11:38

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