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What the term "tethering" refer to ? The thing that confused me is it is only considered related to mobile equipment and not pc. Does this mean sharing internet connection through wi-fi. Is service provider involved in "tethering" as wikipedia states some involvement .

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The Wikipedia article defines the term pretty clearly. What don't you understand? –  Matt Ball Sep 21 '11 at 4:04
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I think most people consider "tethering" in the contemporary mobile-device sense to mean allowing one device to share the internet connectivity of another. This was originally accomplished via physically "tethering" the devices together, but most newer devices support "tethering" via WI-FI hotspot creation nowadays.

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Yeah, it's when you use a mobile device to connect, say a laptop, to the internet.

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Yes. But the service provider is not involved. Although some providers do not allow you to tether without buying a separate tethering plan.

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