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I am rekha and I am working data base. I am a fresher from past 2 months only I am working on sql server.

I have a query that is I have 2 tables.for example businesstype table contains id,businesstype and location based on location I will retrieve the data.that's fine.and second table is like employee and columns are id,name and businesstype.so my question is for each businesstype I will get the records from the employee table ultimately as below:

1,sathish,softwar 4,pushpa,Software 2,ramesh,Electronics 4,rajesh,Electronics

I solve this one by using joins,operators and subquery also.but I need the solution to this query by using cursors.

I wrote like the following ways:

1) SELECT ID, Name , BusinessType FROM Employee WHERE BusinessType in (select BusinessType from Employee) order by BusinessType desc

2)select ID,Name,BusinessType from Employee where exists (select BusinessType from Employee)

3)select @Location = Location from @BusinessTypeTemp

select ID ,BusinessType ,Location from BusinessType where Location=@Location

DECLARE @TempEmployeeInfo varchar(500)
DECLARE @pos        int,
         @nextpos    int,
        @nextRecpos int, 
        @valuelen   int

/* creating temp table to insert address types*/

CREATE TABLE  #EmployeeInfo (BusinessType nvarchar(80) )
SELECT  @TempEmployeeInfo =   BusinessType FROM @EmployeeTemp

/* Code for checking separator is ',' and save into temp table */

SELECT @pos = 0, @nextpos = 1

WHILE @nextpos > 0

  SELECT @nextpos = charindex(',', @TempEmployeeInfo, @pos + 1)
  SELECT @valuelen = CASE WHEN @nextpos > 0
                          THEN @nextpos
                          ELSE len(@TempEmployeeInfo) + 1
                     END - @pos - 1
INSERT #EmployeeInfo(BusinessType)  VALUES (convert(nvarchar, substring(@TempEmployeeInfo, @pos+1, @valuelen)))
  SELECT @pos = @nextpos

    SELECT @Count = count(BusinessType) from Employee WHERE BusinessType IN (SELECT BusinessType FROM #EmployeeInfo)
        PRINT @count


            select ID,Name,BusinessType from Employee

            WHERE BusinessType IN (SELECT BusinessType FROM #EmployeeInfo)
            order by BusinessType desc

         SELECT 0 as ReturnID

But they don't want this, they want the result by using only cursors.and also I want to display the both table results in a single SP.

So please anyone help me. Please send the replies urgent because today is my last day to solve this.


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Stack Overflow is not here to do your work for you. If you are having trouble with a specific piece of code, feel free to show us the code with what you've tried and ask for help with a specific question. –  Rebecca Chernoff Sep 21 '11 at 5:14

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